About My Oh My Shops

The platform for business management to ensure your success.

If you are in charge of your company regardless of its size, you consider it as an entire entity. When you’ll be working on specific issues that require particular attention , such as lead or client relations, transformation, scheduling, or finance it is essential to look at the entire view and have access to all of the information quickly. The answer to your business problem is accessible at any time.
We’ve developed our tree care industry with a contemporary business model that places the interests of its customers at the center. We considered all the features that would allow it to run smoothly, rapid growth, as well as be fun and easy for employees to interact with.
The systems we have seen on the market, they focus on one aspect of the business leaving out the rest. Clients must undergo software integration and juggle multiple interfaces to and draw data from various sources.
As we work on the software development , we have created a list of features that modern tree care businesses should have, and checked off the necessary boxes.
We’ve designed a complete system that is loaded with automated and analytical functions!
Let’s examine the various aspects of our integrated system:


The Client Relations Management (CRM) module

This program will help you manage the performance of your sales force and devise strategies that will increase your market share as well as profit margin. It is always possible to devise a plan which will give you an edge in the market:

Make leads competitive quotes that can improve sales
Give detailed statistics for your advertising campaign
Your sales staff should be able to demonstrate their efficiency
Connect with clients and manage their relations
Reliable Intelligent Estimating and Quoting method for salesforce
A wide range of client service communication templates! You can now reach your clients via email and calls, voice messages and texts messages, and more.
Improve the follow-up algorithm for client service for improved outcomes

A service that is focused on the customer always proves to be more feasible for a business model and you’ll need the right instrument to ensure it is managed correctly!


Office & Field Management Module

Management of the tree care field is a key aspect. It could quickly become a the loss of profits for your company if it is not properly managed. It must be monitored carefully.


To ensure that the efficiency is under control, we have integrated into the field management system:

Intelligent service visit map and schedule
Management of work orders
Tasks for Field and office workers
Team working in the evenings following up
Efficient communication between departments
Service optimizes routes’ and mileage
Status reports

The best partis that it’s interconnected with other modules, which means that the dispatcher as well as the client reps will always have information regarding the service team’s place of operation.
In addition accounting provides information about the car fleet’s costs and employee working hours .


Business Analytics Module

If you manage your own business, it’s easy to fall into the routine: ensure that your service calls are taken into consideration, that payments are being made, there’s enough new customers arriving. Are you aware of what your business is performing? Which are your most lucrative products? Where do you make money? What are the areas you should invest in? What are the areas you should be aware of?


Our system gathers enough day-to-day business information to analyze the key performance indicators:

Create KPIs for marketing, sales and field work that is relevant to your business.
Examine the Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV)
Make financially sound choices using information
Export data to integrate into other analytics systems.
Visualize the data to create reports and presentations.

The greatest benefit of our business analytics software is that it keeps track of all the data you could require to make crucial business decision. A reliable reporting system does not just monitor every business transaction, but also costs, but it also highlights areas of concern. It can be an invaluable tool to make strategic choices.


Accounting & Finance Module

With all the parts of the system accounting is able to receive data regarding sales team’s productivity and work hours of employees, and the cost of transport fleets. The payroll system is automated and calculates the payments according to schedule for contractors, employees and employees accounting staff, and accounting gets updated on balance sheets.


All accounting routines are fully automated.

Accounts payable
Accounts open
Tracking of expenses
Balance sheets

The simple system set up for accounts receivable will notify clients in the event of late or missed payments.At any point in time, reports can be created based on any parameter like daily or weekly sales as well as balance sheets and accounts receivable, cash flow revenue per the client, etc.
ArboStar Business Management Platform will aid you to automatize certain business processes, but also provide efficient communication with clients and team management as as cutting-edge analytical tools.
The system is cloud-based and doesn’t require complicated installation or any additional equipment. It can help create the perfect working workplace for office workers as well as mobile field workers and remote workers. We can help your business expand while reducing the cost of operations.
Our platform was specifically designed to support your business not just in its day-to-day operations, but also to help you realize its full potential, and help it to expand effectively.