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He grows particularly close to his eldest nephew, BjГrn, taking it upon himself to spar with and train the younger warrior in preparation for the upcoming return to Wessex.

At sea on the voyage face Freckles Amateur roughsex Blonde fetish to England, he encourages and reassures BjГrn, ensuring him that he'll always be by his side. Setting camp in Wessex, Rollo notices the tension between Ragnar and King Horik. Ragnar seeks to first approach King Ecbert in a spirit of diplomacy and cooperation, while King Horik wants only revenge and plunder.

Rollo also notices Floki gravitating toward Horik. When an envoy, among them King Ecbert's son Aethelwulf. arrives at the Viking camp, Rollo instructs the men to set up a shield wall and narrow face Freckles Amateur roughsex Blonde fetish passage into the camp in case it is a ruse.

However, Ragnar accepts Aethelwulf's invitation to meet King Ecbert at his villa in a peaceful manner.


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