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Nascar: A second lab confirms that Jeremy Mayfield does meth. Ok it confirmed the positive test for the mysterious drup Mayfield was on (Read: METH). Looks like the private matter that kept Bill Weber out of the booth Fatty Playing On The Road - Mature Sexy Wife to do with an indicent that took place at New Hampshire hotel prior to the race leading to his suspension.

Here's to a full season suspension. Don t waste your money at the Mets Clubhouse Store. There s really no reason to pay full price for an Omir Santos jersey when you know by the end of the season it will half off. Same goes for the overwhelming amount of Daniel Murphy paraphernalia. (I couldn t decide if was because they have high hopes for him now or had high hopes last year and are just trying to get rid of the extra stock.

Seriously there wife fucks to pay husband s debt watch more Murphy stuff than David Wright, Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes combined. ) Oh and we may want to add the Fernando Martinez collection to this list as wife fucks to pay husband s debt watch.


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