How Does Wood Chipping Cost?

A wood chipper turns tree branches and entire trees into small chunks of wood. These machines are used by local tree services to get rid of unwanted tree debris. In order to get the same service, you must engage the services of a professional company. You can find a list of local businesses that provide this service on the internet. To hire a professional company to chip up your trees, follow these steps. There are several important considerations when hiring a wood chipper.

A wood chipper costs about $1,500 for home and light commercial use. The machine also requires portable catch bins. A plastic bin with handles will work well for this purpose. In addition to a chipper, you will also need a bucket or trailer for hauling the chips. Once your machine is set up, you can choose the size and location of the woodchips. Before you start your wood chipping business, you should gather as many pieces of wood as possible.

You should ask about the cost before arranging the pickup. It will depend on the amount of tree removal. A small stump may cost about $80 to $300, while a large tree could cost up to $1,000. Make sure to ask about the costs of hauling and branch chipping before signing any contract. You can also negotiate the price with your contractor. The price will vary depending on whether you’re hiring a company that will take care of both tasks.

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