How Much Does It Cost To Have a Tree Planted?

The cost to plant a tree depends on several factors. The amount of labor and equipment needed depends on the type of soil and the number of trees. When planting a single tree, the costs are similar. The amount of labor required for a larger project is considerably higher. A large number of trees is more labor intensive. You may want to have the soil tested to see if it is suitable for planting a particular type of tree.

The cost of tree planting depends on the size of the tree. Medium-sized trees grow much faster than large trees and will reach their full height within five to seven years. If you have the budget for a large tree, consider getting a medium-sized one instead. It will cost less to plant a medium-sized tree and you’ll have a higher chance of having it survive.

A typical tree planting project takes about two hours. After a hole is dug, the tree is planted, and fencing is installed if necessary. The cost of planting a large tree can be several hundred dollars. These costs are usually bundled with transportation and delivery fees, and if the tree needs to be removed, the cost will be much higher. These are some of the factors that determine how much a new or replacement property landscaping project will cost.

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