Mistakes You Are Doing When Watering Trees

One of the most common mistakes in watering trees is overwatering. Overwatering a tree can result in root suffocation, which can lead to decay. A tree’s roots are very thin and run about three to 12 inches below the surface. During the early stages of tree growth, you should make sure that the soil around the tree is evenly moist. To prevent this, use a screwdriver to follow the advancement of the soil.

The best way to water trees is by keeping the soil at the soil level, not the leaves. Avoid watering the leaves, as this can promote fungus and diseases. Another way to keep the soil moist is to sprinkle mulch over the top of the soil. This will help keep water on the surface of the soil and on the roots. The best method is to water slowly and regularly. It’s also important to remember to apply mulch to your trees to reduce evaporation and avoid competing with turf or other plants.

Besides watering your trees properly, you should also know the correct watering schedule. For a tree to grow well, you need to water it at the soil level. The root zone of your tree needs watering less often than the leaf area. It should be kept moist with one foot of soil at the drip line. It should be watered more often during dry spells. To prevent competing plants and turf, apply mulch around the base of the tree.

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