What Are The Cost of Tree Roots On Sewer Line?

The cost of tree root removal varies depending on the situation. Some root systems can invade the sewer line and pinch the pipes. When this occurs, the sewer line will need to be replaced to prevent water backup or a sinkhole. Unfortunately, tree roots grow over time and their root systems are much larger. This is especially true if you do not have any trees in the area. The good news is that tree root removal is relatively inexpensive.

The cost of tree root removal can vary. A common price for a single root removal is $100, but can be as much as five times as much as $1,000. The cost will increase if the pipes are dug up and there are numerous tree roots growing on them. If you have a small budget, you can cut the tree roots yourself or hire a service that does the work.

If your sewer line is affected by tree roots, it is likely that you are not alone. Calling a plumber will be your best bet. This professional will be able to determine exactly what type of root systems are involved and what the costs are. Then, they’ll give you an estimate for the work. The process can take anywhere from one day to a few weeks. If the damage is extensive, you can even hire a plumber to come and fix it for you.

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