Difference between a Certified Arborist and a Regular Arborist?

There is a big difference between a Certified Arborist and a standard arborist. A certified arborist has proven their knowledge of trees and must regularly update their knowledge in order to maintain certification. They also have to follow a strict code of ethics. A certificated arborist will provide a guarantee of quality work. But the difference between a regular arborist and a Certified one is more than aesthetics.

A Certified Arborist is more likely to have received proper training in tree care and will be able to diagnose and treat diseases in a variety of trees. He will also know when to prune a tree and when not to, and he will use proper pruning techniques to keep the tree healthy. A certified arborist must attend continuing education classes every year to stay certified. This ensures that he is up-to-date on best practices and is a reliable arborist.

A certified arborist has advanced training and is trained in the safe removal of trees. He can remove trees that are dying or dead, crowding an area, or even unsafe in an urban area. He also understands how to safely remove trees. Without the proper training and equipment, working with a tree can be dangerous. A certified arborist will use the proper equipment and procedures to preserve the health of the tree, so you can relax knowing that the work will be done correctly and safely.

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