Create the “About Us” Page That is sure to draw attention of customers about the Tree Care Services

It’s a must-have site for any tree service website. No questions, no discussions.

Following the homepage after the home page, following the homepage, the “About Our Company” section is typically the most popular page on the majority of websites. This is where potential customers go to determine if the company is legitimate and if they’re able to believe in your products and services. If you don’t, you’ll turn potential clients away before they have the chance to experience your professionalism and expertise.

If you’re not certain what to do to make an About US page that is appealing, don’t fret. Read on. We’ve compiled a concise guide with a number of suggestions to help you organize your thoughts, and avoid common mistakes that are that are often encountered when writing these pages. We’ve also whittled down a few elements of creativity to include in the About Us page, to create the most inspiring page possible.

Be human

One of the biggest issues that plague many About Us pages is that they lack a feel that is human. They are formal and usually written in the 3rd person. Additionally, some employ lots of jargon as well as technical terminology.

There’s time and location for it, for sure, but not in part of the About Us section.

Keep in mind that you are writing for the home or business premises owners who have trees on their properties Not robots. So, make sure at writing with a casual tone. Keep your sentences brief and remove unnecessary words.

Tell your story

A story telling about your tree service business and how it was formed makes the content more human writing. In the heading of this, you could also discuss the driving force behind your company , as well as the values that it holds. This gives an understanding and context in the trees services you provide. A compelling and memorable story will stick. It leaves a lasting impression on the minds of clients and, eventually, creates an emotional bond.

Provide proof Let your past clients speak for themselves.

Include reviews, testimonials as well as any other awards as well as awards won by the business. It creates trust and builds credibility within the company’s brand. Potential customers are more interested in what past customers are saying about you and your abilities.

It is also possible to share press-related mentions or user-generated content on the About Us page. These are useful to highlight your business’s reliability in its work.

Make sure you get to the point quickly

Attention of your targeted audience is a valuable resource. Don’t waste it talking down to them. Be sure to communicate the services you offer within the first few sentences. Your customers have already been to the About Us page to know more about your company.

It’s the first sign of curiosity that your prospective client is displaying toward you. It is important to controlled to turn the reader into a customer. Here are some rules that you can follow to create efficient communication:

* Dive into the area immediately

• Communicate your proposition to the market early (usually in the very first paragraph)

* Use simple and clear language to convey your message

Note the issue that your tree services can solve to the prospective client

Display your team

Include team or company members’ pictures in their original form. For example, you can use photos of your employees while they’re working in the field, like pruning the trees or grinding stumps or executing emergency tree-related services. This gives a sense of authenticity and attracts customers who want to know who is behind the products they purchase.

Be aware of the aesthetics

A reader will not find a long block of text appealing. It’s not attractive and isn’t easy to read. Try breaking it down with a sensible format.

Important information in bold fonts, use bullet points when you can Write short paragraphs that provide enough white space and so on.

Make sure to include relevant pictures and graphics In the same way as we’ve already mentioned, images of your employees or company trucks can be worth the words.

Enjoy your community

As an arborist company, your location may be crucial to the brand’s image. Consider the areas of your service or cities and highlight what makes them distinctive.

A brief mention of the neighborhood can make it clear to potential clients the passion you have for the area they reside in. It can also aid in making your website appear higher in searches that include an address of the neighborhood you are referring to.

Invite the audience to get in touch with you

There are a variety of trust indicators that you should be present on your website. For instance, one of those is contact information.

Check to see that you have your contact information within Your About Page. Include your office phone number, postal information and social media accounts. A contact form is an excellent method of letting your customers know that you’re open to hearing their needs.


The About Us pages experience lots of activity. Do not underestimate the significance of this page. Make sure you spend enough time creating it, and you’ll be rewarded with higher sales.

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